Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soupe Au Pistou

Ooops! This post is quite late. I actually made this soup a week and a half ago. I've already eaten it. It was delicious. It's like the happiest possible version of Campbell's Minestrone. (I happen to love Campbell's Minestrone.) This is comforting, happy soup. The Tummy was not so thrilled with it because of the beans, so I got it all to myself. It made me feel all warm and healthy and happy.

I thought the pistou would be tricky, but it wasn't and it added soooooo much flavor and happiness to the soup. I mean, tomatoes and cheese! It's like pizza soup! Anyway... 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Potage Veloute Aux Champignons

So, let me first say that I have been a fan of mushrooms my entire life. I mean, they have ALWAYS been my favorite vegetable. So, when it was my turn to again pick a soup, I felt drawn to the Cream of Mushroom, even though I grew up with casseroles that made me a little afraid of it. (Sorry, Mom.) I knew that Julia would find a way to make it wonderful. And oh... did she ever...
This was such unbelievably good soup that I really wanted to drink the whole pot of it. I made it with shallots and cremini mushrooms, and it had such a wonderful, rich flavor that I literally could not stop eating it. Ordinarily, I give the Tummy dibs on leftovers, but I'm totally hoarding this soup. Wow. All I can say is MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...